We Are Debt Relief Solutions!

Debt Relief Solutions is a Community Interest Company which is run on a "not for profit" basis. This means that the company does not make any profits. We think that this sits in with our company ethos and believe that any organisation offering debt advice and education should not make a profit from other people's misfortune.

Carol Shaw

This is Carol Shaw, she is the senior adviser of the organisation. Carol has over ten years of providing financial advice and assistance. She has great empathy with clients and has the ability of looking at a situation from the outside and providing a workable solution for the benefit of the clients and their family.

Carol is also an experienced teacher and lecturer and writes and delivers the education program in the form of workshops, seminars, talks to groups along with the production of the new financial e-course and workbooks. In her spare time, what little there is, she also runs a jewellery, arts and crafts company (Highly Strung), and designs and makes unique jewellery items. She also teaches jewellery making, arts and crafts at night school and often hosts workshops for a variety of other organisations and charities.

Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw has worked in the financial services industry for around thirty years and started as an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) and more recently was a Mortgage and General Insurance advisor.

Robert’s knowledge and experience are second to none and he is known for his “thinking outside the box” approach to problem solving. His key skills are involved in tackling the more tricky problems such as house repossessions, court related matters along with IVA’s and bankruptcy cases. Robert is also an expert in advising and arranging Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and Property Trusts. Robert’s hobbies include going to the gym and walking in the countryside. He is currently training to participate in a rowing event to raise much needed funds for The Brain Tumour Charity, of which he is an ambassador.

Carol Jackson

Carol Jackson (also known as CJ) is our fantastic admin expert and heads up the administration team. CJ oversees the processing of all cases, liaising with creditors, chasing clients documentation, processing the Debt Management incoming and outgoing payments along with many other administration tasks.

She really loves what she does and has a great compassion for those facing difficulties due to severe life changing circumstances. Out of the office, CJ works voluntarily at our local church in Solihull (Renewal Christian Centre) as a Senior Steward. She also enjoys the great outdoors and spending time with her grandchildren.

Our Experience

Our team have lots of experience in all things financial. We have been working in financial services for over 25 years and have gained an immense amount of knowledge as well as having built up really strong working relationships with all the UK's major lenders, and quite a few smaller ones along the way. From mortgage lenders, to credit card companies, HM Revenue offices, store card providers, banks and building societies, home shopping catalogue companies, personal loan providers, payday loan companies, debt collection agencies, county courts, local benefit offices, housing associations, local council tax offices and utility bill providers, the list is endless and still growing. We have experience in dealing with all of these organisations when helping you manage your debts.

We can help you just like we helped this lovely couple...

With DRS help we managed to avoid our home being repossessed and have arranged a repayment plan with all our creditors.

Mr & Mrs Davies

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